Saturday, May 12, 2012


Not liking rice cereal
but very cute.
ICE at the Gaylord Hotel National Harbor.So fun. Every year they do a different Christmas theme. The whole thing is cut out of huge blocks of ice. They give you giant parkas to wear.  
Ava on the ice slide.
So cold but very fun.
Thanksgiving 2011. So very grateful for my many blessings.

Friday, May 11, 2012


The Vermont Country Store was so fun. You could spend hours looking at every thing(if you don't have children). This was our first day and very exciting after being in the car for hours.
There were so many yummy samples.

Joseph Smith Birth Place.
The children are sitting on the door step from The Smith home. 
This is the largest ____ tree in the North East or Vermont. All I Know is we took a picture with the tree because it was a famous tree. 
This is the Marsh Bilings Rockefeller National Historic Park. 
Our second trip to the Vermont Country Store started with Kissing.
Loving on their Dad.
Our 3rd trip to the store. Honestly we would go and have samples for lunch oh they were so good. 

Could sit there all day. 
Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. Been there done that never have to go back. 
Ice cream factory tour = free ice cream!! worth it 
Oldest covered bridge in Vermont. We traveled on it daily.  
Ollie's First time swimming. 
We had fun family swimming.
Vacation oh how I love it. 
4th trip to the Vermont Country Store and worth every second we spent there. 


I love Halloween. I love to do a little dinner before we go out Trick or Treating. This year I did a Witch theme. The witch cut out is 3 pieces of black poster board taped together, 
Witch brooms 
The best part and the reason i love to do things like this is because of my girls reaction. 
Scary Ava.
brains!!! Blood Soup(tomato), Snakes(bread sticks), Brains(green jello), Apples with Slivered Almonds(witch mouths) and Witch fingers(cookies). Oh and blood dripping glasses(read colored Corn Syrup) and Witches brew(apple juice). 
Our little Monster-Really the sweetest most easy going little guy.
Pascal-the chameleon on the movie tangled. I used an old sweater of Kyle's to make Ava's costume.  
SO FUN!!! Happy Halloween. Its about time to start thinking about next year. 

October 2011

We said goodbye to our sweet dog Harley. Hard to say good bye. She was our first baby. She had been with us in our First apartment, when we brought home our first baby, when we moved to Virginia. We will miss her. 
Open house at the local Fire Department. 
 The open house is every October and we always enjoy our visit. 
My cute boys.
Ava and I are doing Joy School this year. She was so excited for her first day of school. The first day she spent the whole day telling "peoples are touching...", "peoples are yelling".
This little girl has quite the personality.
Almost 3 months. Smiles
Emma is such a wonderful big sister. She loves Oliver. 

My Cute Kindergartner

Pancakes on the first day of school!
Too Cute!!!!
First Day of School 
They love each other so much. I am so glad I had these two girls(I always wanted a sister).
Oh here she goes. Be careful, don't be scared, Don't Grow Up. 
Off to get a doughnut after the big sister went to school. A tradition I bet. 
Two Months and so quite.